What’s Your Sign?

Aries, the Ram
March 21
April 20
Taurus, the Bull
April 21
May 21
Gemini, the Twins
May 22
June 22
Cancer, the Crab
June 23
July 23
Leo, the Lion
July 24
August 23
Virgo, the Virgin
August 24
September 23
Libra, the scales
September 24
October 23
Scorpio, the Scorpion
October 24
November 22
Sagittarius, the Archer
November 23
December 21
Capricorn, the goat
December 22
January 20
Aquarius, the water bearer
January 21
February 19
Pisces, the fish
February 20
March 20


Aries, the RamARIES

The sun sign of Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac in western astrology. The beginning of the astrological year is Spring. Well known for their sense of adventure, enthusiasm, confidence and quick-wittedness, women and men with Aries sun signs are said to have the characteristics of the ram. Aries does go in head first and pioneers the trail! Aries is a fire sign, and so is action oriented and assertive. Being cardinal makes Aries flexible and adaptable as well as rigid and fixed, which is also known as movable cardinality. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the god of warriors. This brings Aries energy and strength and facilitates communications and expansion in general. These characteristics may appear in Aries rising as well or those with Aries moon in their natal chart.

The sign of Aries is masculine and dynamic. In relationships and love, an Aries female or male tends to operate from a primeval instinct. This man or woman has a very high sex drive and is quite passionate. The essential Mars energy is creative and fertile, in keeping with the ancient views toward the god of war. Venus would often mingle with Mars!

Aries can be quite quick-tempered and headstrong though. They are often impatient, but have a responsible personality and genuinely caring traits. They are simply driven to action and creation in the material world. Of course, they do this from the front and are not very good followers, particularly when they do not feel authority is valid.

On the shadow side, Aries can trod on the feelings of others easily and may be promiscuous. They can be selfish and egotistical. Spiritually, Aries seeks to initiate and create in the material world. They can be quite intellectual, though often over-optimistic. Aries does best when moderation and planning are embraced. Aries men and women are blessed with many gifts which can lead to very impressive achievements, so long as they don’t get in their own way by being foolhardy and creating unnecessary difficulties!

  • Aries Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Aries Zodiac Symbol: The Ram
  • Aries Element: Fire
  • Aries Cardinality: Cardinal
  • Aries Stone: Diamond
  • Aries Season: Spring
  • Aries Colors: Red
  • Aries Anatomy: Head
  • Famous Aries: Leonardo DaVinci, Elton John, Jane Goodall, Russel Crowe, Charlie Chaplin, Eric Clapton, William Shatner, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Downey Jr., Quentin Tarantino, Diana Ross, Marlon Brando, Bob Woodward

Taurus, the BullTAURUS

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac in astrology and is one of the earth signs. Well known for the personality traits and characteristics of being patient and reliable, the Taurus man or woman is also loving and very warm hearted. No wonder, as they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. They can be very persistent and desire security. Taurus sun signs are symbolized by the bull and as you might imagine, are of fixed cardinality. Feminine in nature, it is this fixed quality that separates Taurus from fellow earth sign Virgo, which is mutable and thus more flexible. A Taurus man or woman is blessed with sound business sense and make trustworthy friends and business associates. These traits can be visible in Taurus rising or those with moon in Taurus in their natal birth chart as well

Taurus is a feminine sign and possess tremendous patience. In relationships, Taurus men and women care deeply for those they are close to. They have an extremely reliable personality and tendencies to be very consistent. People like being around a Taurus man or woman. However, this zodiac sign does not like to take risks and its members crave security. They are more sexual than average and loyal in love. However, they can have possessive traits.

On the shadow side, a Taurus male or female can be jealous, self-indulgent and even greedy. Sometimes they are thickheaded and intractable. Often enough, their vices are born of their virtues being taken to an extreme. When they don’t feel secure or hold too steadfastly to beliefs, they can be obstinate, super conservative and self-righteous.

Spiritually, they are generally gentle, warm and affectionate. Taurus can have industrious characteristics and thrive in positions with a fair amount of routine. These are the guardians of the universe!

  • Taurus Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Taurus Zodiac Symbol: The Bull
  • Taurus Element: Earth
  • Taurus Cardinality: Fixed
  • Taurus Stone: Emerald
  • Taurus Season: Spring
  • Taurus Colors: Pink
  • Taurus Anatomy: Throat
  • Famous Taurus: Andre Agassi, Dennis Hopper, Barbara Streisand, Al Pacino, Bono, Salvador Dali, Karl Marx, Cher, John Wilkes Booth, James Brown, Carol Burnett, Immanuel Kant

Gemini, the TwinsGEMINI

The sign of Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac in western astrology. Well known for being of two minds, this is readily apparent in the duality of the Gemini zodiac symbol, the twins. A Gemini man or woman is very curious as well as talkative and communicative, being ruled by Mercury. They have these tendencies in common with their fellow earth sign Virgo. They are indeed changeable, and possess flexible and adaptable personality traits as one would expect of a mutable sign. Gemini is also an air sign, like Libra and Aquarius. Of course, it can be hard for others to know what’s really going on inside a Gemini. Half the time they haven’t quite put their finger on it yet either! Fortunately, Mercury gives them a love for the exchange of ideas as well as aptitude in commerce. Unfortunately, others may have a hard time trusting them since they can come across as anxious or distant because they may feel uneasy. These traits and characteristics can be visible in male or female Gemini rising or those with moon in Gemini in their birth chart too.

The zodiac sign of Gemini is a masculine sign, regardless of whether a man or woman. Gemini possesses tremendous intelligence and they love mental challenges, though they dislike the effort involved in learning. In relationships, Gemini males and females may smolder at first, but then tend to take things lightly. This may leave their partner confused about these conflicting traits and tendencies. Their emotional involvement tends to run deeper at the outset, but drops into neutral once the thrill of the chase is over. They are not generally considered reliable, though they are fun and witty conversationalists.

On the shadow side, Gemini is often not conscientious and, at their worst, can have deceptive personality traits. They are prone to childishness and don’t handle complex emotions well. Gemini doesn’t enjoy solitude for the most part, preferring the exchange and they do best with a lot of activity and variety.

Spiritually, they are artists, inventors and poets at heart. Gemini can be quite brilliant and thrive in diverse, creative, communicative environments.

Again, these tendencies may show themselves in men or women with Gemini moon or rising in their birth chart as well.

  • Gemini Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Gemini Zodiac Symbol: The Twins
  • Gemini Element: Air
  • Gemini Cardinality: Mutable
  • Gemini Stone: Moss Agate
  • Gemini Season: Spring
  • Gemini Colors: Green
  • Gemini Anatomy: Lungs, Hands and Arms
  • Famous Gemini: Prince, Henry Kissinger, Bob Hope, Norman Vincent Peale, Allen Ginsberg, William Butler Yeats, Boy George, Sandra Bernhard, Stevie Nicks, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Steffi Graf, Paul Gauguin, Nicole Kidman, Joe Montana

Cancer, the Crab

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac in western astrology and is the first of the water signs. Well known for being gentle, nurturing and defensive, the latter apparent in the Cancer symbol, the Crab and its shell. The symbol, or glyph we’ve used represents the breasts (and nurturing). A Cancer man or woman is very self-protective, characteristically family oriented and rather emotional, being ruled by the Moon. They have the traits of being kind, sympathetic and loving. However, this can become overemotional and clingy for either a woman or a man who is their partner.

The sun sign of Cancer is feminine, as are all earth and water signs, giving them more than any other sign the passivity and receptivity characteristic of yang energy and the female nature, which gives life. Of course, everyone possesses both yin and yang energy, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. Cancer possesses a tremendous survival instinct. In fact, it is this instinct with drives action tendencies, for Cancer has cardinal quality. They will do what they must to protect their homes and their loved ones, and they treasure family. In relationships, Cancer may seem shy at first as they find their place and bearings, but they are very sweet and have unassuming characteristics. These men and women blend in after their initial withdrawal as people find something almost familiar about them. Like Taurus, they are very security oriented, male or female. They can be quite matter of fact and to the point, which may leave their partner hurt by their sometimes blunt personality traits. This is because they are soft but tough when they feel it is appropriate. They’re practical and sentimental and can swing from darker moods to romantic fantasy. They are fiercely loyal men and women.

On the shadow side, Cancer can go to extremes in giving and not receive from others properly. They can be sulky or indulge in self pity, harboring imagined slights. They can lose sight of things and become caught up in causes or allegiances when they commit themselves too much.

Professionally, Cancer does well where they can use their ability to get inside people’s heads, or where they can organize and “keep house” so to speak. They are diverse though, as they may manifest an artistic or creative personality or entrepreneurial streak. Spiritually, they have introspective and meditative characteristics and make good listeners.

These traits may appear in Cancer rising and those with Cancer moon in their natal chart as well.

  • Cancer Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Cancer Zodiac Symbol: The Crab
  • Cancer Element: Water
  • Cancer Cardinality: Cardinal
  • Cancer Stone: Pearl
  • Cancer Season: Summer
  • Cancer Colors: Silver
  • Cancer Anatomy: Breasts
  • Famous Cancers: Gerald Ford, George M. Cohen, Cat Stevens, Ann Landers, Linda Ronstadt, Dalai Lama, John Cusack, Princess Diana, Thurgood Marshall, Brian Dennehy, Robin Williams

Leo, the LionLEO

The sign of Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac in astrology. Well known for their extroversion, enthusiasm, creativity, generosity and warm heart, a man or woman with Leo sun sign is symbolized by the Lion. They are the kings or queens and as fire signs, Leos hold strong beliefs and are strong willed, courageous or even dominant. Having fixed quality or cardinality makes Leo less flexible and adaptable than the mutable signs, perhaps even a bit rigid. A Leo man or woman is ruled by the sun itself and like the sun shining light on the planet, Leos create a presence wherever they go with their magnetic personality. These characteristics, which may manifest in Leo rising as well or those with moon in Leo in their natal chart, are their most prominent personality traits.

In relationships, a Leo man or woman is sincere, open and kind, front and center stage. Leos are usually fun to be around and their company is frequently desired. Leo is fun, but sometimes old-fashioned and conservative. They can be somewhat overbearing, intolerant or even occasionally pompous and bossy. Leos tend to be quick to trust and are often disappointed when their trust is misplaced.

Leo is happiest when they command attention, which is the personality characteristic or trait of being socially dominant. They love the limelight and are very creative and expansive. Leo men and women are usually dignified.

In love, Leo is loyal and devoted while their relationships are working and tend to hold on for a long time to their partner. Leos are family oriented and drawn toward children. They are usually kind and giving. However, they sometimes place too much faith in others and on the shadow side, they can be terrible to deal with when they feel crossed. A jealous or wounded Leo woman or man is a force to be reckoned with. They have reputations for deceptiveness and infidelity. Sexually, Leo has a very healthy, even intense appetite. They are so attracted to others that sometimes they have many different partners.

Spiritually, Leo is one of the most materialistic signs. The light of the sun does shine penetratingly for Leo into themselves as they seek self-discipline. Leo also seeks to serve others.

As in the rest of their lives, Leos are ambitious professionally. They get things done and make excellent leaders. Leo may hurt the feelings of others with fixed opinions and beliefs. They believe they are the leaders and they are usually right! They tend to foster loyalty among their subordinates. Leos make excellent performers.

These traits may reveal themselves in those with Leo rising or Leo moon in their natal chart as well.

  • Leo Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Leo Zodiac Symbol: The Lion
  • Leo Element: Fire
  • Leo Cardinality: Fixed
  • Leo Stone: Ruby
  • Leo Season: Summer
  • Leo Colors: Gold, Orange
  • Leo Anatomy: Heart, Back
  • Famous Leos: Princess Anne, Whitney Houston, Amelia Earhart, Hulk Hogan, Loni Anderson, Vida Blue, Peter O’Toole, Andy Warhol, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Magic Johnson, Davey Crockett, Lucille Ball, Alfred Tennyson, Benito Mussolini, Henry Ford, Robert DeNiro, Carl Jung

Virgo, the VirginVIRGO

The Virgo sun sign is the 6th sign of the zodiac in astrology. Well known for their characteristic discrimination, hard working tendencies and service, Virgo is symbolized by the virgin, or goddess of the harvest. As one of the earth signs, the Virgo sun, moon or rising sign possesses depth. Having mutable cardinality makes Virgo flexible and adaptable. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger. This brings gifts to Virgo in communications and commerce, which may appear in Virgo rising as well or those with moon in Virgo in their natal chart.

The sign of Virgo is often associated with Chiron, the healer, as well as Mercury, the communicator. In relationships, a Virgo man or woman can be quite charming but is often seen as cold, or even Vulcan on the surface. These folks run deep though and this surface appearance may mask a deep sensitivity and desire to help others. This is because Virgo (female or male) is very precise and often fussy, critical and filled with worry. In fact, Virgo cannot help noticing what is wrong in most situations because of their characteristically keen insight and discrimination. They can’t help but see the needle in the haystack, often missing the haystack! A Virgo man or woman strives for perfection, but of course this is unattainable. However, their attention to detail, tendencies to serve and wish to be useful bring many gifts to Virgos and partners who are close to them.

Generally considered the most service oriented of the zodiac signs, Virgo men and women are very sensitive with strong feminine (yin) energy. Their symbol is the only female in the zodiac. In love, Virgos make excellent husbands and wives and are very affectionate when they feel safe and close to their partner. Sexually, Virgo is anything but Virgin and their partners may find themselves with a lover who will go to great lengths to find exactly what pleases them. This characteristic of service is one of their most wonderful traits!

Spiritually, Virgos seek to manifest the divine in the material world and go inward to discern meaning. Virgos are keen analysts. They are perhaps the most analytical sign and quite adept at communication and in business. Virgo thrives and excels in in management, technology, writing and teaching professionally. More tactical than strategic, Virgo makes an excellent second in command which suits their shy tendencies and characteristically modest nature.

  • Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Virgo Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin
  • Virgo Element: Earth
  • Virgo Cardinality: Mutable
  • Virgo Stone: Sapphire
  • Virgo Season: Summer
  • Virgo Colors: Blue, Beige
  • Virgo Anatomy: Intestines, the Nervous System
  • Famous Virgos: Mother Teresa, H.G. Wells, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Richard Gere, Lily Tomlin, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Rocky Marciano, Raquel Welch, Joseph Kennedy Senior

Libra, the scalesLIBRA

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac in western astrology and is the second of the air signs. Well known for being fair and just the Libra symbol is the scales. Interestingly, this is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object. Libra is also very social and possesses the character traits of elegance, beauty and charm. As a cardinal air sign, Libra has some things in common with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn (cardinal signs) as well as Gemini and Aquarius (air signs). Libras love communication for the sake of beauty. These men and women treasure and promote harmony. It’s no wonder, since like Taurus, a Libra man or woman is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. These tendencies can also be seen in the natal charts of those with Libra rising or moon in Libra.

The zodiac sign of Libra is a masculine sign, as are all air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). More than any other sign, Libra men and women understand what others need. This sensitivity can even border on psychic ability! People feel good in the presence of female and male Libra, thanks to their optimism and orientation toward partnership and cooperation. However, they may stick to close to the middle ground so as to avoid blame. They seek the high road, but often settle for whatever will keep the peace, and they simply cannot be everything to everyone. To avoid blame is to avoid the risks in making decisions.

Relationships tend to go well with Libra because these folks like to keep the peace and are oriented toward compromise. These peace keeping tendencies are characteristic in a Libra woman or man. They would rather lose something in the bargain if it protects the relationship and they tend to have lasting marriages. They are empathetic and tolerant, kind and loving. They enjoy beauty and harmony.

On the shadow side, Libra can show a disdain for the dirty work. They can stray into shallowness or may be overly ambitious and sometimes even reckless. Their love for beauty and pleasure can cost them dearly in their occasional extravagances.

Professionally, Libras are born diplomats, but you’ll find them in every field imaginable. They are trustworthy and open to the ideas of others and value communication. With such deep rooted personality characteristics and tendencies, perhaps the legal profession, banking or the civil service will call to their sense of justice and fair play.

  • Libra Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Libra Zodiac Symbol: The Scales
  • Libra Element: Air
  • Libra Cardinality: Cardinal
  • Libra Stone: Quartz, Marble, Diamond
  • Libra Season: Fall
  • Libra Colors: Light Green
  • Libra Anatomy: Kidneys
  • Famous Libras: Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, Pierre Trudeau, Oscar Wilde, Christopher Reeve, Johnny Carson Angela Lansbury, Barbara Walters, Yo Yo Ma, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Timothy Leary, Susan Sarandon

Scorpio, the Scorpion

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is the 8th sign of the western zodiac and is the second water sign. Scorpio has a fixed cardinality or quality. Well known for being loyal, passionate, determined, intense and sexy, the Scorpio symbol is the Scorpion. Of course, these men and women can sting and in our traditional glyph we see what looks like the letter M with the tail. Scorpio has traditionally been ruled by Mars, but in modern astrology is also said have Pluto for its ruler. Pluto rules the unconscious and Mars is the planet of action so this combination makes Scorpio in touch with what’s underneath the surface with others, deep within their personality. They aren’t quick to share such information about their buried tendencies themselves!

The Scorpio sign is a masculine sign, with very dependable traits and characteristics. In relationships, a Scorpio male or female is true to their beloved but if they do choose to leave a man or woman, they leave for good. They are very seductive and have great charm and frequently dazzle with their radiant personality. However, they often have tendencies toward extremes. At their best, they are compassionate, devoted and possess great depth. They characteristically explore many of the feelings and personality traits that others avoid, as this is not a sign that fears the characteristics of the darker side of human existence.

On the shadow side, Scorpios are private, even secretive and can be obsessive, jealous or seek vengeance at their worst. They can also become overly fixated with power. They may hold grudges and become vindictive to the point of cruelty.

Professionally, Scorpios make excellent therapists, as they tune into and understand the crevices of the human mind, but you’ll find them in every field of human endeavor. Naturally inquisitive and curious, they make excellent researchers. Magnetic in personality, they thrive in entertainment and politics.

These traits are frequently found in those with Scorpio rising or Scorpio moon in their natal chart as well.

  • Scorpio Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto (modern)
  • Scorpio Zodiac Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Scorpio Element: Water
  • Scorpio Cardinality: Fixed
  • Scorpio Stone: Topaz, Opal
  • Scorpio Season: Fall
  • Scorpio Colors: Gold, Purple
  • Scorpio Anatomy: Genitals
  • Famous Scorpios: Hillary Clinton, Richard Dreyfuss, Walter Cronkite, Ike Turner, Katherine Hepburn, King Hussein, Jody Foster, Voltaire, Carl Sagan, Marie Antoinette, Bill Gates, Johnny Carson, Pablo Picasso, William Penn, Kevin Kline, Sylvia Plath

Sagittarius, the Archer

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is the 9th sign in astrology. Well known for their characteristic optimism and love for freedom, exploration and travel, Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer, or Centaur. The arrow is also frequently used. As one of the fire signs, this sign is passionate, enthusiastic and has larger than life tendencies. Having mutable quality or cardinality gives Sagittarius a flexible and adaptable personality. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. This brings expansive gifts to Sagittarius as things seem to work out well for them in general. These traits may manifest in Sagittarius rising as well or those with the moon in Sagittarius in their natal chart.

In relationships, Sagittarius is friendly and cheerful, with an infectious optimism and a love for humor which can take the form of teasing. They can be somewhat restless or even occasionally quick tempered and sometimes their optimism is blind. They can be careless, one of their less desirable personality traits. Sagittarius is honest, though sometimes this manifests as characteristic tactlessness. They are also philosophical and intellectual, seeking the meaning of life.

Sagittarius is happiest when exploring and traveling. They just love adventure. Highly intuitive, Sagittarius is also strong willed. Generally considered the most service oriented of the zodiac signs, Sagittarians are very sensitive with strong female (yin) energy. In love, Sagittarius males and females make faithful spouses. They are very sincere, and ardent. They also possess warm, kind and generous personality traits. However, their personality needs to feel free and they do not tolerate feeling hemmed in well. They sometimes overwork at the expense of their relationships. Sexually, Sagittarius can be very flirtatious and have quite passionate temperaments.

Spiritually, Sagittarius is philosophical and intellectual, seeking the meaning of life. In fact, Sagittarius rules the house of philosophy in zodiac astrology. Sagittarius men and women are also passionate about justice and go out of their way for what they believe is right.

Professionally, Sagittarius make excellent teachers are keen researchers and possess excellent organizational skills. They thrive where there is variety and where they are able to teach others and make the information they process available to others.

  • Sagittarius Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol: The Archer
  • Sagittarius Element: Fire
  • Sagittarius Cardinality: Mutable
  • Sagittarius Stone: Topaz
  • Sagittarius Season: Fall
  • Sagittarius Colors: Turquoise
  • Sagittarius Anatomy: Muscles, Thighs, Hips
  • Famous Sagittarians: Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, William Blake, Winston Churchill, Harry Chapin, Fiorello LaGuardia, Dick Van Dyke, Steven Spielberg, Keith Richards, Andrew Johnson, Lucky Luciano, Kim Bassinger, Harpo Marx

Capricorn, the goat

The sign of Capricorn is the 10th sign of the western zodiac and is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster. The last of the earth signs, Capricorn has a cardinal quality and these women and men are well known for being strong, tenacious, dedicated, hard working and organized. This zodiac sign possess good leadership ability. The Capricorn zodiac symbol is the goat. Frequently wise, this sign is also characteristically ambitious and may be drawn to the finer things in life.

The sign of Capricorn is a feminine sign and seeks to be a useful and effective woman or man. Those with Capricorn sun, rising or moon sign in their natal chart tend to gravitate toward worthwhile and practical causes. In relationships, Capricorn values self-sufficiency society, traditions and responsibility. These characteristics and traits make them very dependable and their word is their bond. However, they may seem a bit cold or distant. They do love to belong and fit well into organized structures. Though they may fear losing their sense of identity in love relationships, they can be captivated by dreams of completely satisfying their partner.

Although they have serious traits and hard working tendencies thanks to the influence of Saturn, they can also be quite funny. Sometimes their sarcasm can bite though. More often, their sense of humor is deadpan. Generally, they can help their male and female friends and lovers become more stable.

On the shadow side, Capricorn may feel lonely as they isolate themselves when they don’t see the point. They don’t tend to be frivolous and can lean to deep conservatism. They may appear to lack affection. Their seriousness may be a bit tedious or dull to some people with different personality traits.

Professionally, men or women, they make excellent leaders. They are money-motivated and seek status, position and authority. Success is assured for them through their hard work and discipline. A Capricorn man or woman will pursue whatever they believe is important, but must be cautious not to take a great fall while climbing their mountains.

  • Capricorn Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Capricorn Zodiac Symbol: The Goat
  • Capricorn Element: Earth
  • Capricorn Cardinality: Cardinal
  • Capricorn Stone: Amber, Onyx
  • Capricorn Season: Winter
  • Capricorn Colors: Purple
  • Capricorn Anatomy: Knees and Skeleton
  • Famous Capricorns: Louis Pasteur, Rod Serling, Joseph Stalin, J.R. Tolkien, David Bowie, Richard Nixon, Sophie Tucker, Martin Luther King, Pat Benatar, Paul Cezanne, Oliver Hardy, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Denzel Washington, Henry Miller, Clara Barton

Aquarius, the water bearer

The Aquarius sun sign is the 11th sign of the western zodiac and is ruled by Uranus, planet of change and surprise. The last of the air signs in astrology, Aquarius has fixed cardinality or quality. Aquarius is well known as the sign of friendship and brotherhood. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer, and they do pour themselves into everything they do. These women and men are liberal and unorthodox and they do not masquerade; what you see is what you get. Interestingly, though they are quite liberal, unconventional and free thinking, they are also somewhat intractable in their opinions. Still, an Aquarius woman or man values equality as well as individual liberty and will seek to share knowledge in the pursuit of these ends.

Aquarius is a masculine sign as are all the air and fire signs, and this female or male tends to forge new paths. While the Aquarius sun sign is open to change theoretically, in practice it can be rigid. These traits and tendencies may also appear for those with Aquarius rising. They gravitate toward worthwhile and practical causes. In relationships, Aquarius tends to be well liked and has the admirable characteristic of being open to all, especially those with strong individuality. They love the unusual and often surprise those around them with their quirky personality traits. They are quite clever and witty, but may have tendencies to seem to be somewhere else. They are more objective than emotional and refuse to be bound by love, due to their love of freedom and rational intellect. Honesty is a higher value for them than romance. They are loyal to their core.

On the shadow side, when others disagree, they can become cranky and discontented. Sometimes they are prone to reforming those around them, but they simply can’t help but seek to effect change and progress, like their ruler Uranus. The age of Aquarius is indeed one of forward movement and if others can’t keep up or drag them down, Aquarius may become disenchanted. They are quite idealistic and want everyone to be happy.

Professionally, Aquarians often rally others into action and themselves are action oriented toward their ideals. They are innovative and frequently push the existing limits, driving change. They frequently advance the causes of humanity in the arts and sciences and bring about positive change.

  • Aquarius Ruling Planet: Uranus
  • Aquarius Zodiac Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Aquarius Element: Air
  • Aquarius Cardinality: Fixed
  • Aquarius Stone: Amethyst
  • Aquarius Season: Winter
  • Aquarius Colors: Blue
  • Aquarius Anatomy: Circulation
  • Famous Aquarius: Charles Darwin, Norman Rockwell, Chris Rock, Galileo, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Dickens, Oprah Winfrey, Yoko Ono, Virginia Woolf, Justin Timberlake, Geena Davis, Anton Chekov, Garth Brooks, Jennifer Aniston, Peter Gabriel, Vanessa Redgrave, Prince Andrew, Phil Collins, Franklin D. Roosevelt

Pisces, the fish

Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac in western astrology. A Pisces man or woman is ruled by Neptune, ruler and planet of illusion. The symbol for Pisces is the fish. The last of the water signs, Pisceans have mutable cardinality or quality, giving them flexibility and adaptability. They are well known for their sensitivity and they are the sweet and gentle dreamers of the zodiac, blessed with the gift of imagination. They make great story tellers. They almost always see the best in men, women, things and situations, though missing flaws that would be obvious to others can lead to self deception. They can have quite selfless, kind and compassionate tendencies.

Pisces is a feminine sign and tends to have quite tolerant, compassionate, sympathetic and agreeable characteristics. They are perhaps the most selfless and sensitive of all the zodiac signs. In relationships, both male and female are very loving, generous and kind. This woman or man always has time for those in need. However, their feelings run so deep they are often overwhelmed by them as the characteristic Piscean energy scatters itself beyond its limits. Their personality simply cannot abide suffering and will offer charity wherever their sensitivity directs this trait.

On the shadow side, the agreeability of Pisceans can make for quick reversal as they hop from opinion to opinion. They may be very scattered and disorganized. Their compassion may make them tolerant of wrong behavior; thus they can be wishy-washy, weak and easily led. Their characteristic idealism can degenerate into escapism, which unfortunately can manifest itself as substance abuse. Spiritually, the challenge for Pisces is to draw healthy boundaries, as they are so drawn into the problems of others that their emotional well being may suffer.

Professionally, Pisces excels in the healing arts and all charitable pursuits. They frequently are drawn toward social services, nursing or the clergy, for example. Often their creative tendencies bring them into the arts. They would do well professionally to find a Virgo, their opposite sign, who can help Pisces males and females to be more grounded and organized.

These traits may reveal themselves in those with Pisces rising sign or moon in their birth chart as well.

  • Pisces Ruling Planet: Neptune
  • Pisces Zodiac Symbol: The Fish
  • Pisces Element: Water
  • Pisces Cardinality: Mutable
  • Pisces Stone: Aquamarine, Jade
  • Pisces Season: Winter
  • Pisces Colors: Green
  • Pisces Anatomy: Feet, Veins
  • Famous Pisces: Michelangelo Buonarotti, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, Elizabeth Taylor, Alexander Graham Bell, George Frideric Handel, Kurt Cobain, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Renoir, Cindy Crawford, James Taylor, Jerry Lewis, George Washington

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