“Miss Thicker Than Gritz”

Name: Britney Thompson
Age: 22
Hometown: Chatham, VA
Occupation: Student with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

I love being plus size because it empowers me to stand out and be different. I am able to show everyone that there is beauty in all sizes. I love having something to embrace that most people frown upon. Having curves taught me to love myself for exactly who I am. I tried the thin life, and I was uncomfortable. Also, I feel that by being plus size, I can show other curvy women that they do not have to subject themselves to flats and floral prints. We can be just as fashionable as the models. I love being plus size because I am able to encourage younger plus size girls and let them know that their bodies are just fine. We don’t have to lose our curves to fit in. We have them because we were meant to stand out! Plus size is who I am and I love it!

Want to be next weeks “Miss Thicker Than Gritz”? E-Mail me at TTGCASTINGS@yahoo.com




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