Sneak Peek: “Confessions Of A Plus Size FREAK!”

So I decided to make things a bit interesting and see how you guys respond to “Confessions Of A Plus Size FREAK”.  “Confessions Of A Plus Size FREAK” is an anonymous column for you FREAKS (our readers) to submit your very sexy encounters. Have you done something you thought you’d NEVER do, but did and you want to share it with someone and still keep it a secret? Now you can by sending all erotic stories to ThickestBlogger@Yahoo.Com Subject: A Plus Size FREAK. Until we are blessed with our next batch of goodies, here is a sneak peek of what ” Unexpected Encounter”  from Brooklyn, NY had to say…

       I work in the city as a secretary for a stock broker on Wall Street. My duties include answering phones, sending messages and coffee runs. One morning I woke up to a text that read “You still have to come in today”. I was puzzled until I looked out the window a saw a white blanket over Brooklyn. With hesitation I began my morning routine. I turned on the shower and for some reason the water seemed hotter today and it was turning me on. I started to rub back and forth on my clit and as my nipples began to grow I felt my juices flow over my fingers. I relaxed in the tub, let the faucet run between my caramel legs and envisioned a long, thick, black penis entering my being. I came almost instantly…

       Once at work I noticed the office was almost empty. I started toward my desk when my boss (whom shall remain nameless) called me into his office. “Yes Mr. X” I asked as I entered the office. “Close the door behind you” he replied. As soon as the office door was shut he grabbed me, slammed me on his desk, opened my legs and began to eat my kitty like 4 Seasons brunch! I wanted to push the tall, balled, dark chocolate man off me but his tongue had me at his surrender and I moaned and groaned, while he nibbled, sucked, and spit on my hairless vagina. I felt myself about to climax so I whispered “I’m about to cum” and as I released in his mouth he drank me like water. He stood up and my knees almost buckled from the sight of my juices dripping off his chin. He wiped he face and then there was a knock on the door… we stared at each other… “Who is it?” questioned Mr.X, “Its me” replied a feminine voice “Come on in”. As the door swung open I realized it was Mrs. X. Mrs. X began “I’m getting ready to-” when Mr. X grabbed her face and stuck his tongue in her mouth…. o_O *My jaw drops*

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Large SEXY beings + Fashion +GLAM + Fun = The Curvy Revolution!

       There is a place where the BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL go, a place where they are accepted and adored, cherished and loved, a place far away in the magical land of Las Vegas, NV FEB. 18th- 20th, 2011. The Curvy Revolution! It’s the largest convention in the world for plus size/ full-figured women, produced by the largest plus size organization Full Figures. The convention is designed to celebrate, enlighten, and inspire plus size women. “The Curvy Revolution is a part of a philanthropic effort dedicated to improving the quality of life and support positive self-images of today’s average size woman.” –  This convention will make memories, change lives (for the better) and empower women who believe they were the minority not knowing we are the MAJORITY! Join The Curvy Revolution from all over, at the breath-taking Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas strip for an encouraging, fun-filled, GLAMOROUS weekend dedicated to real sizes and real women like ourselves!

      I will be attending and will definitely report back to you guys with a very DETAILED report on the event. For more information, including prices and hotel packeages visit


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BIG SAVINGS!! “Thicker Than Gritz” Shows You Where To Save BIG!!

It’s Black Friday so I’m diggin for the savings and I found some BEAUTIFUL deals! Hot skinny jeans, kaute tops and very sexy shoes!

 First WWW.Torrid.COM everything is 60% to 88% off the original price tag!

Lane Bryant has Buy One Get One FREE! WWW.LaneBryant.COM

One Stop Plus has items up to 80% OFF!

Ashley Stewart has items Buy One Get One 50% OFF  WWW.AshleyStewart.COM

Jessica London takes 30% off your entire order! WWW.JessicaLondon.COM

Get there fast these sales wont last forever! ENJOY!

Know where all the sales are? Share them with us! E-mail me

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So I was doing my usual browsing and stumbled across a frickin’ PLUS-SIZE GOLD MINED!! HTTP://WWW.MONIFC.COM The sexiest full-figured gowns that literally fall perfectly on the curvy figure. I will admit I almost didn’t do this post because I wanted to keep the dresses as a secret… Yea yea I know! I obviously care enough for my readers that I did share, and the elegant very and I mean VERY sexy dresses are perfect for this season. Ladies take advantage, fellas take notes!! Here are some of the gowns featured on the website. ENJOY!!


*Independent Woman*


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TAKE IT OFF!! Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie!!

Holy mac & cheese with ground beef! lol! Just found a website with the sexiest lingerie for the plus-size ladies. View www. Its erotic, mysterious, and playful pieces will have your significant other in awe! They have everything from panties to corsets that compliment your very sexy curves. Forcing your partner to help you take it OFF!

Here are a few pieces from the actual website.


Thickest Blogger

Want more websites with sexy plus-size styles? E-mail me your request!

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Why Full-figured Women Are So Insecure

I believe it starts from young. Being picked on at school, at home by siblings, and than you see the images on the television. Beautiful skinny women followed by diet pills And weight loss solutions. So many cures for being fat as if it were a disease. What people need to understand is it isn’t “bad” or “wrong” to be over weight, it’s unhealthy to be just that, unhealthy. There are plenty of people who are over their “recommended” weight that eat right, exorcise and are healthier then most thin people. It has been programmed in to us to believe being full-figured is abnormal and that it’s to be ashamed of. How can a plus-size woman not feel insecure when this shameful image has been created of her and she has to compete with the angelic image society has begun to praise. Honestly, no one looks like the women in most magazines or on the television, not even those women themselves. Regardless you must love yourself first. No one else will care for you like you will yourself. No one is perfect, just remember your flaws are what make you, you and you are beautiful!

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This Thursday at Retreat Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous’s “There Is No Competition” 2 EP.

Last Thursday at Retreat we gave you something “Unforgettable” to talk about. Roses for our beautiful lady guests, a party experience unlike none other, and great music. This week we celebrate the release of Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous’s “There Is No Competition” 2 EP.

Total Request Live Thursdays Presents:

There Is No Competition 2
Fabolous EP Celebration Release Event

@ Retreat (37 West 17th St Btw 5th & 6th Ave.)

Music By:
Hot 97 Big Dawg Pitbull Triple XXX “Da Ladies Favorite”
DJ Boof “Da Shutdown King”
DJ Sir Manny ” Da Truth”

Ladies Free Till 12
Gents 5$ Till 12

Reduced All Night With RSVP.

Doors Open @ 10PM Sharp.
Early Arrival Is Strongly Suggested.

The Official Bday Celebration Of One Of NYC’s Hottest Recording Artist “Knight” &  Dice & Tury Of Black Arrow Ent. Also Celebrating, Stanley.

Free Giveaways Feat. “Fabolous” There Is No Competition 2: Grieving Music.

Drink & Bottle Specials All Night.
2 For 1 Drinks Each Hour. | 2 Nuvo For 200$

Dress Code-

Gents: Fashionable Upscale Attire. No Entry With Fitteds, Shorts, Solid Color Tee’s, & Sportswear.
Ladies: Sexy Is A Must! (No Jean Sneaker Combo’s) Give Us Your Mean Shoe Game.

Entry @ Event Planners Discretion

Last Week At TRL It Was Most Definitely “Unforgettable” Check It Out:




Event Powered By- The Competition

*Fabolous is not scheduled to appear at this event!*


So I decided to turn the blog into a magazine. I’m not sponsored so I am spending my own money for the entire project. From paying the photographer to the paper it’s getting printed on EVERYTHING! I am also looking for make-up artist, photographers, stylist, hair stylist and plus-size models please e-mail me @ with pictures of your work and explain how you think you can better my project. This is kind of  a BIG deal so please serious inquiries only!

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