Confessions Of A Plus Size Freak

So my readers are FREAKS and I know y’all enjoyed our sneak peek last month. So this week we have Vanessa L. From Chicago, Illinois that submitted “Two for the Price of One” which I can’t lie surprised the crap out of me.

It was around 5pm and I had just left my office and was on my way home to my husband. We were newly weds and deeply in love. As I walk to my car my cell rang and it was my husband Donnie.

“Hey baby” I said as I answered the phone but there was no answer. I listened in closely and heard moaning coming from a woman! Tears filled my eyes as I heard her scream “Yes DONNIE OMG daddy do it HARDER!!” Furious, I jumped into my car and headed straight home to confront Donnie about his back stabbing black ass!

When I reached home all the lights were off. I quietly snuck up the stairs of our brownstone house to our bedroom were I heard the moaning consisting. “mmm, Donnie you feel sooo good baby” I burst into room screaming and hitting Donnie calling him all kinds of dirty whores and any other foul names I could think of. When I stopped I noticed Donnie was in the room ALONE watching a porn we had made the night of our honeymoon! I was so embarrassed…

“Vanessa, what the hell is wrong with you!?” Yelled Donnie.

“Babe, you butt dialed me and all I heard was a woman screaming your name. I thought the worse. How was I suppose to know you watch the porn we make?”

“You’re outta your damn mind!”

“I’m sorry daddy. How can I make it up to you?” I asked getting on my knees.

Donnie smiled and replied ‘I’m sure you’ll think of somethinggggg.” He Moaned as I took his long thick being into my mouth. I begin to spit, suck and swallow every bit of his rock hard 9 inches.

“Damn baby, I love when you suck it like that!”

“Mmm, you like that daddy?” I asked with a mouth full.

“uunnhhh, yeeesss oh shit baby!” Donnie moaned. I giggled at the dumb faces Donnie made got up and began to undress myself as he watched rubbing his soaked manhood. I crawled onto the bed face down ass up the way he loved it. I reached behind me and rubbed on my clit “Come get it daddy” I said seductively. I purred as he slid into my wet tightness. He began thrusting slowly giving me deep strokes and I felt myself begin to cream.

“Daddy missed you today.” Donnie whispered into my ear. I was so far gone all I could do was moan. He then spit right on my ass and slid his thumb right in my brown eye. I went crazy from the penetration and I couldn’t help but released my juices on his now shiny penis. He then grabbed my love handles and began to tear my ass UP! As soon as I felt him about to let go I turned around and allowed him to release on my face, tits and big ass belly.

As I walked to the bathroom to wash off my face he slapped my ass and we laughed. I bent over the sink and as I looked up my girlfriend Shannon stood behind me. She smiled and said “Now my turn” and began eating my kitty like kibbles n bits! The rest I’ll leave for your imagination! LOL!

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