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Make-Up Column With Sondra Ginn “Top Fall Flavors”

                                                                    Top six fall  makeup looks
Bright blush-this fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers-OSCAR DE LA RENTA, PRADA, VERSACE ,RALPH LAUREN & MARC JACOBS

BRIGHT BLUSH – How to create this look is to take your kabuki brush and to apply your blush color of choice & slightly drag it from the apples of your cheeks to your temple & BLEND!!! the key is when you’re applying blush you want it to be seen but you DO NOT want harsh lines. The reason being it creates unwanted focal points on your face & ladies we don’t want that. The blush I recommend is wet n wild coloricon blush on pearlescent pink & Mellow wine. You can purchase this blush from any drugstore Like Walgreens, Rite Aid & CVS . It runs for about $3 & I use it all the time. It’s my go to blush and I love that it’s slightly pigmented and it’s really affordable .

Red Lipstick – This fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers-RALPH LAUREN, DIANE VONFURSTENBURG, LUCA LUCA & HERMES

How to create this look – you can use a lip brush & evenly distribute it on your lips. You can choose to leave it matte or you can apply a little lip gloss if you Like your lips to have a little shine factor.ladies you can use what ever you have available . You can use any red lipstick from the most expensive to the most reasonable. I would recommend I love my lips bright fire you can purchase this red lipstick from walmart & it’s one dollar!! Yes ladies this lipstick is a moisturizer on the lips & it’s very pigmented for its price.

Metallic eyeshadow – This fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers-CHANEL,DEREK LAM , VERA WANG & GUCCI

How to create this look-you start off by applying the eyeshadow only on the eyelid , close to the lash line.
This look is best using  your lighter color first then applying your second color which would be darker, to create a fading effect. Please be sure to blend the colors together do they will look seamless. You can find Metallic eyeshadow at your any drugstore or online my favorite shadows that are metallic ate in my coastal scents 88 eyeshadow palette you can get this palette from coastalscents.com.

Nude makeup -this fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers – PRADA,BALENCIAGA,ROCHAS& NINA RICCI

How to create this look-you want to use nude colors that aren’t bright by any means . With this trend you wanna have fun but make sure there’s some color on your face if not you’re gonna look washed out & we don’t wanna go that route. What I’ve experienced we look good in colors such as peach, coral  & rose.to make your look even more polished use a bronzer . The product I would recommend would be tinted moisturizer called intuitive blend shade adjusting foundation & primer from wet n wild this van be found at any drugstore for 4.99. The reason I love this product us because it blends with your skin , but you won’t have that heavy makeup on your face. But you’re not done yet ladies then using elf’s clarifying pressed powder to set your tinted moisturizer. You van find this product on elf.com or target for one dollar. And last but not least your bronzer you want to apply your bronzer beneath your cheek bone & a little bit of bronzer goes a long way do the same process as stated in applying the blush as stated above. The product I recommend is loreal hip  vibrant  shimmer bronzing powder you cam also het this at any drugstore but I’ve purchased mine from dollar tree so ladies look at your local dollar tree & they may indeed have it.

Full bold eyebrows – This fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing-JILL STUART, PRADA,RICK OWENS &THAKOON

How to create this look – by looking in the mirror with your face relaxed a lightly fill in your brows in the direction your hair grows then back the opposite way . Removing extra product  by using a spoolie . The product I recommend ladies  using jordana cosmetics brow powder duo which consists of a lighter brow powder & a darker one as well. What I love about this product is you can blend the two different powders together & create a custom shade. Or you can use the colors separate. you can find this product on-line at jordana cosmetics.com.Heavy black liquid liner this fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers- GIORGIO ARMANI, MARC JACOBS & LOUIS VUITTON

How to create this look position the tip of the eyeliner close to your lash line & the go back over it slightly. If you  don’t get the line straight no worries you can clean up your mistake with a q tip . The liquid liner  I would recommend to you would be la colors liquid liner . You can get thus product at your local dollar general , family dollar & dollar tree.

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Lasondra Ginn
Freelance makeup artist, vlogger & ect

Are Your Curves Ready for the 2011 Beach Season?

Are Your Curves Ready for the 2011 Beach Season?

We’re in There like Swimwear


The summer of 2011 is about to blast off!  For most, it started around Memorial Day weekend, but the official start of summer is in June, so don’t fret ladies… you still have time to find that perfect beachwear.  Finding the perfect poolside attire can be a pitty for the plus-sized pretty.  Everyone is tired of seeing the typical, slim selection of bathing suits that are available for plus-sized females?  You know the ones that kind of look like mini-dresses.  You know, the hum-drum, bathing suits that cover up too much, and don’t show enough.  They can be described easily in one word, BORING!!!  I mean, who really wants to wear a dress while swimming?

Sheesh! Just because a woman is thicker than gritz, that doesn’t mean that she should have to succumb herself to looking like a hobo in a moo-moo. Thick ladies want to look sexy in their beachwear too, so we’ve made it our duty to applaud the stores and designers that offer a better selection of fun-in-the-sun fashion for all the curves.

“Monaco” Ruched Plus Size Swimsuit

Monif C. Plus Sizes (sizes 14-24, $135)


Visit monifc.com to see a selection of the swimwear they have to offer.  We give them 4 –Stars!





Isabella 2 Pc Twist Bandeau Skirted Top w/ Brief

Always for Me Sizes (16W-26W, $89.00)

Visit alwaysforme.com to order





Retro shirred swimsuit Retro shirred swimsuit

Lane Bryant (Sizes 16-26 Was $99.95 – $119.95 Now $69.96 – $83.96)

Available in stores or online at LaneBryant.com







Profile by Gottex Plus Size Swimsuit, Tricolore Ruffle Skirted Bottom

Macy’s (16W-24W $69.99)

Available in stores or online at Macys.com



Longitude Colorblock Deep V-neck One Piece Swimsuit

Available on Swimsuitsforall.com (Sizes 8-16, 39.98)





One Piece With Chain Strap

Jessica London (Sizes 12-26, Was: $89.99 – $99.99 Now: $79.99 – $89.99)

Available on avenue.com






Ava Convertible Swimsuit

Kiyonna (Sizes 10-32, $128.00)

Available on Kiyonna.com

If you are more of a custom-made cutie, check out stylesbychimere.com.  She creates haute swimwear pieces for plus-size dolls!


Here are a few more styling tips that can be used when trying to pickup out the perfect swimwear for you.

  • Draped fabric or raunching always disguises the bulges and bumps.
  • Halter tops balance wide hips
  • Big busts, use cups! Find a swimsuit that has wire cups or a built in bra to get your busts in place
  • Dark brown, blue and black are the “slimming colors”
  • Large bottom, wear a solid at the bottom and a print on top
  • Confidence is key! STRUT YOUR STUFF!!!

And always remember…The “suit” is not the final part of your beach attire, so don’t forget to add a sexy cover-up, a wrist full of bulky bangles, some over-sized shades or a large beach hat to make your outfit complete!!! Enjoy your summer, sexy divas!

XOXO, C. Monique Washington

A Gentleman’s Perspective on “Thick Chicks” By C. Monique Washington

A Gentleman’s Perspective on “Thick Chicks”

by C. Monique Washington

Tall, dark, and handsome, standing about six-foot one, one hundred fifty-five pounds is a man who most women would consider a “catch”.  Only thirty-one years young, living in a house that he owns and working a respectable nine to five at a Rehabilitation center, Mr. Bowe is a self-proclaimed gentleman.  Although he has dated and interacted with an array of women with different body types, he has always admired plus-size women the most and considers them “his type”.


“Thick chicks” as he referred to them during our interview, “are beautiful on the inside and out.  The physical presence of a well put together, voluptuous woman speaks to you before even a word is uttered from her mouth.  Her body does the talking at first sight.”

Mr. Bowe laughed at his self as he tried to explain the allure of a thicker woman’s body. “I’m not trying to be sexual, but they are just simply attractive.” He stated as he gestured the curvature of a woman’s hips with his hands.  The handsome gentleman continued on with his admiration, “and their personalities are on point. They are not uptight, pleasant to talk to and for the most part, from my experiences, they are humble.   Most of them aren’t stuck-up like other women.”

It was apparent that Mr. Bowe was turned on by just the thought of a thick chick, so when asked to explain the cause of his appeal, he stated, “Plus size women represent maturity and womanhood to me.  They don’t resemble little girls.  When I see them, I think to myself, there goes a woman whom is healthy and carefully crafted.  I’m a grown man, so I like a grown woman. They’re sexy”.  His response put an “excuse me” look on my face, and I let him continue on with his admiration. “They have assets and are aware of what they are working with it.  They know how much or how little to show in the outfits they wear.  They don’t need to reveal everything, unlike smaller females with no curves; their bodies have enough curves to draw attention regardless.  It’s a slight tease to me.  A complete turn-on.”

I couldn’t keep bouncing around the juicy subject, which a lot of people are still wondering, so I had to take it there.  Mr. Bowe was not going to get away without telling his opinion on sex with a chick that is thicker than gritz, so I asked.  A large smile grew upon his good-looking face.  He stated, “Hey, it’s not a hit or miss.” 

Unsure of what he was inferring, I asked him to expand.  I could tell by the look on his face, he was ready to fill me in. “They have supple breasts, curvy thighs, a nice, round behind…You get the full experience of what a woman is supposed to be, and position-wise, they accommodate.”  I had to giggle at that response.  We then laughed in unison as he tried to explain exactly what he meant by “accommodate”.  Again he stated, “They accommodate.  You don’t feel like you are dealing with a fragile doll.   They are fulfilling.”  Mr. Bowe left his response at that. 

To end our interview, I asked the gentleman: If he could send a message to all the thick chicks in the world, what it would be? 

He paused for a minute or two, and finally he stated that he couldn’t think of anything outright, but I did noticed that he was humming the tune of The Commodore’s “Brickhouse” the entire time he was thinking of an answer…hmmmm, enough said Mr.Bowe, enough said.


    So I was going through some old magazine’s and books and I came across an article in an old ESSENCE. The Article is about a man, Joe Walters who is a plus-size party promoter that throws Goddesses Big Beautiful Women Parties at Giovanni’s Atrium in New York City. What Joe is basically saying in the article is how every week he throws these parties for full-figured women as a sanctuary for us. A place for us to be comfortable instead of feeling out-of-place at a regular club. “I provide a space where plus-size women can feel sexy and accepted, which is rare for many big women” says Walters. Walters offer the fact all types of men come to meet & mingle with plus-size women, some looking for love, others looking to – well lets say to party hard. “A few guys come assuming big girls are easy prey. That’s not the case. Every woman has her own code of conduct: Some have the three-month rule; some have the three-date rule.” says Walters “A few women have met their husbands at our affairs. I get invited to two or three weddings a year by customers.” What I love about this article is how he expresses his love and concern for plus-size women. We are all looking for that connection with that special someone but,  how can you find it with no place to look. Joe Walters is a very smart man. I give him two thumbs up! Maybe I wont have to pay to get in this week. LMAO!

Have questions? Feel free to email me ThickestBlogger@yahoo.com

“Jesus Don’t Like Fat People”

When I was about 6 my doctor told me I was too big for my age (I was only 7lbs over my recommended weight) and that if heaven was a mile away, I wouldn’t make it to the gates. Now that I’m older and I love my curves I can proudly say hang yourself DR.DICKHEAD!

Here’s a pic of me when I was 6years old…

I'm on the left

My Open Letter…

Dear Reader,

    I know it has been long over due but, I have answered your prayers! This blog caters to the very whole of the plus sized woman. Everything from fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment to sex, food, and romance is discussed. I’ve spent days researching the things that are most valuable to us and need to be acknowledged. I only hope that you will use my finding to your advantage. Use “Thicker Than Gritz” as your guideline to explore and expand your thoughts of self. We as plus sized women should take pride in every curve, crease, and “back boob” because they make up the very unique person we all are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how you look, strut with confident, grace, and pride . Remember, stay true to yourself…Enjoy!


Photo curtesy GLAMOUR magazine "SuperModesl Who Arent Super thin"

                                       Thickest Blogger!