Sexy Plus Size New Years Party Looks!

Looking for all the glitz and glam without the hassle of looking for your size or busting your budget? Thicker Than Gritz has the inside scoop on the hottest looks for my curvy sistas!

Monif C. Collection

The prices of these fabulous pieces range from $208.00 – $258.00. Visit

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BIG SAVINGS!! “Thicker Than Gritz” Shows You Where To Save BIG!!

It’s Black Friday so I’m diggin for the savings and I found some BEAUTIFUL deals! Hot skinny jeans, kaute tops and very sexy shoes!

 First WWW.Torrid.COM everything is 60% to 88% off the original price tag!

Lane Bryant has Buy One Get One FREE! WWW.LaneBryant.COM

One Stop Plus has items up to 80% OFF!

Ashley Stewart has items Buy One Get One 50% OFF  WWW.AshleyStewart.COM

Jessica London takes 30% off your entire order! WWW.JessicaLondon.COM

Get there fast these sales wont last forever! ENJOY!

Know where all the sales are? Share them with us! E-mail me

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So I was doing my usual browsing and stumbled across a frickin’ PLUS-SIZE GOLD MINED!! HTTP://WWW.MONIFC.COM The sexiest full-figured gowns that literally fall perfectly on the curvy figure. I will admit I almost didn’t do this post because I wanted to keep the dresses as a secret… Yea yea I know! I obviously care enough for my readers that I did share, and the elegant very and I mean VERY sexy dresses are perfect for this season. Ladies take advantage, fellas take notes!! Here are some of the gowns featured on the website. ENJOY!!


*Independent Woman*


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TAKE IT OFF!! Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie!!

Holy mac & cheese with ground beef! lol! Just found a website with the sexiest lingerie for the plus-size ladies. View www. Its erotic, mysterious, and playful pieces will have your significant other in awe! They have everything from panties to corsets that compliment your very sexy curves. Forcing your partner to help you take it OFF!

Here are a few pieces from the actual website.


Thickest Blogger

Want more websites with sexy plus-size styles? E-mail me your request!

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Skinny MY ASS!!

I found these AMAZING photos of plus-size models. I personally think they wouldnt look as captivating if a skinny model took them. NOT BASHING SKINNY/SLIM WOMEN your beautiful too! lmao! ANYWHOO! The website I got the pics are from they really are flawless! Leave your comments. what do you think about the pictures?

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“Dear Jeans, I Hate You…”

    Since I can remember it has ALWAYS been a hassle when trying to find the right pair of jeans. I’m a size 16 and what most people don’t know is there are two types of size 16’s. The skinny girl 16 shows off butt cleavage and the plus size 16 shows off belly bulge or gives that baggie pouch in the front croch…um ew. Since I know im not the only one having this problem, I decided to give tips to you guys on how to find a jean for your shape and size!

Thick Thighs and Back Side Surprise!

 If you’re a woman with full thighs and a big ol’ booty go for jeans that stretch with a high and fitted waistline. This will prevent that gap in the back and give that fit-to-a-T feel.Photo Curtesy ESSENCE/ Christopher Kolk "The Diva's Guide to Denium"

Hipster Sister!

So you’ve got a tiny waist and hips all over the place! Go for a light flair or boot cut to perfectly portion your silhouette. A jean with a snug fit will show off curves and complement your sexy figure!Photo curtesy of ESSENCE/ Christopher Kolk "The Diva's Guide to Denium"


For the pear-shaped woman! Jeans that have a trouser-cut give the “long-legs” effect. This will balance you from top to bottom and add a little ‘Umph’ to your booty!Photo curtesy of ESSENCE/ Christopher Kolk "The Diva's Guide to Denium"

Here are some of the BEST places to shop for jeans!

Ashley Stewart- Try out the NEW Jeggings! They’re a jean and leggings in one! Only $34.00!

GAP, Old Navy, Avenue, Source of Wisdom, Blair, Apple Bottoms, Cold Water Creek,Miraclebody, Lee,PZI and Faded Glory just to name a few! Photo curtesy of ESSENCE/ Christopher Kolk "The Diva's Guide to Denium"

I hope these tips are useful for you the next time you shop for denium.


                                Thickest Blogger!

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