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Hola DOLLS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Just updating you ladies on what’s NEW! We have a Video Room which premiers the latest videos of your favorite artist and upcoming talent. There also A LOT of gossip on the scandalous lives of the rich and famous. Post written by Nicholas Kearse (yes, he is my brother). We also have Shop-o-Holics which is Thicker Than Gritz official store where you can buy the latest Thicker Than Gritz Gear! We FINALLY have “Confessions of a Plus Size Freak” where u the readers anonymously submit your steamy, sexy encounters! And lastly, we have Join The Team! With information on how to become apart if the BIGGER picture. Well it’s late and I’m tired. Pretty soon I’ll be rambling so, don’t forget to subscribe and comment!

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So I decided to turn the blog into a magazine. I’m not sponsored so I am spending my own money for the entire project. From paying the photographer to the paper it’s getting printed on EVERYTHING! I am also looking for make-up artist, photographers, stylist, hair stylist and plus-size models please e-mail me @ with pictures of your work and explain how you think you can better my project. This is kind of  a BIG deal so please serious inquiries only!

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Plus-size Model Crystal Renn PISSED About Photoshopped Pics

      Ok, so when I seen the article I couldn’t help but think wtf!? I can’t believe magazines are still stuck on this ‘skinny girl’ image. Why would you shave about 40lbs off the girls pic, espcially when you knew she was a plus-size model! Anywhoo here is the pic, what do you think?

PhotoShop pic on the left