Make-Up Column With Sondra Ginn “Top Fall Flavors”

                                                                    Top six fall  makeup looks
Bright blush-this fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers-OSCAR DE LA RENTA, PRADA, VERSACE ,RALPH LAUREN & MARC JACOBS

BRIGHT BLUSH – How to create this look is to take your kabuki brush and to apply your blush color of choice & slightly drag it from the apples of your cheeks to your temple & BLEND!!! the key is when you’re applying blush you want it to be seen but you DO NOT want harsh lines. The reason being it creates unwanted focal points on your face & ladies we don’t want that. The blush I recommend is wet n wild coloricon blush on pearlescent pink & Mellow wine. You can purchase this blush from any drugstore Like Walgreens, Rite Aid & CVS . It runs for about $3 & I use it all the time. It’s my go to blush and I love that it’s slightly pigmented and it’s really affordable .

Red Lipstick – This fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers-RALPH LAUREN, DIANE VONFURSTENBURG, LUCA LUCA & HERMES

How to create this look – you can use a lip brush & evenly distribute it on your lips. You can choose to leave it matte or you can apply a little lip gloss if you Like your lips to have a little shine factor.ladies you can use what ever you have available . You can use any red lipstick from the most expensive to the most reasonable. I would recommend I love my lips bright fire you can purchase this red lipstick from walmart & it’s one dollar!! Yes ladies this lipstick is a moisturizer on the lips & it’s very pigmented for its price.

Metallic eyeshadow – This fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers-CHANEL,DEREK LAM , VERA WANG & GUCCI

How to create this look-you start off by applying the eyeshadow only on the eyelid , close to the lash line.
This look is best using  your lighter color first then applying your second color which would be darker, to create a fading effect. Please be sure to blend the colors together do they will look seamless. You can find Metallic eyeshadow at your any drugstore or online my favorite shadows that are metallic ate in my coastal scents 88 eyeshadow palette you can get this palette from

Nude makeup -this fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers – PRADA,BALENCIAGA,ROCHAS& NINA RICCI

How to create this look-you want to use nude colors that aren’t bright by any means . With this trend you wanna have fun but make sure there’s some color on your face if not you’re gonna look washed out & we don’t wanna go that route. What I’ve experienced we look good in colors such as peach, coral  & make your look even more polished use a bronzer . The product I would recommend would be tinted moisturizer called intuitive blend shade adjusting foundation & primer from wet n wild this van be found at any drugstore for 4.99. The reason I love this product us because it blends with your skin , but you won’t have that heavy makeup on your face. But you’re not done yet ladies then using elf’s clarifying pressed powder to set your tinted moisturizer. You van find this product on or target for one dollar. And last but not least your bronzer you want to apply your bronzer beneath your cheek bone & a little bit of bronzer goes a long way do the same process as stated in applying the blush as stated above. The product I recommend is loreal hip  vibrant  shimmer bronzing powder you cam also het this at any drugstore but I’ve purchased mine from dollar tree so ladies look at your local dollar tree & they may indeed have it.

Full bold eyebrows – This fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing-JILL STUART, PRADA,RICK OWENS &THAKOON

How to create this look – by looking in the mirror with your face relaxed a lightly fill in your brows in the direction your hair grows then back the opposite way . Removing extra product  by using a spoolie . The product I recommend ladies  using jordana cosmetics brow powder duo which consists of a lighter brow powder & a darker one as well. What I love about this product is you can blend the two different powders together & create a custom shade. Or you can use the colors separate. you can find this product on-line at jordana black liquid liner this fall makeup trend was seen on this years runways from these wonderful clothing designers- GIORGIO ARMANI, MARC JACOBS & LOUIS VUITTON

How to create this look position the tip of the eyeliner close to your lash line & the go back over it slightly. If you  don’t get the line straight no worries you can clean up your mistake with a q tip . The liquid liner  I would recommend to you would be la colors liquid liner . You can get thus product at your local dollar general , family dollar & dollar tree.

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Lasondra Ginn
Freelance makeup artist, vlogger & ect


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