Chimere Washington – Inter-racial Dating: If You Are PHAT, Go Black


Yes we took it there!! This post is for our plus size “snow bunnies”. Check out writer Chimere Washington’s perspective on plus size caucasian women dating black men. The comments on this should be interesting…


Inter-racial Dating: If You Are PHAT, Go Black


The dating scene can be cruel. Throw the word “inter-racial” in there and it automatically reaches another level of cruelty. Add some meat on those bones, and you have now reached the epitome of dating hell! Not true. Especially for the PHAT white women in the world. If there is anything I do know about the inter-racial dating scene, it’s that …black men love themselves some big beautiful white women!


Hey, as an outsider looking in, this has been my observation. It seems as though black men are more accepting of the “larger” white women, than their Caucasian counterparts. Yes, I said it. BLACK MEN SEEM TO APPRECIATE A THICK WHITE WOMAN MORE THAN WHITE MEN DO. Read it over again, let it marinate, and save the teeth sucking and horrid gasps for after you have heard me out completely.


We all know that plus-size white women are not a hot commodity amongst their race anymore. Yes, I say “anymore”, as there once was a time, long long ago, in the European culture, when curves were sexy. The voluptuous white woman was once glorified. If you don’t believe me, observe the artwork from the Victoria Era.




Hmmm, very different from what we see today on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or Playboy, two of the most sexually glorified magazines that appeal to the white male masses. With just this example alone, I believe that it’s safe to say that most white men go for the Victoria Beckham types AKA “Skinny Minis” (Aw, I say it with love). Don’t get me wrong, Vicki is one HOT chick that can dress her ass off, but what I am inferring is that dating a skinny chick is what’s “in” for most white men right now. I rarely see a Caucasian male walking around or PDA-ing it up with a plus size cutie. Think about it. It’s the black men that are showing out. They are gladly taking the larger white women from the rejection box, and loving every curvaceous part of their bodies. Not because the “black men are desperate”, or “want to control the low-self esteemed chubby white chicks” (as I read in some ludicrous comments on the internet), but I believe that this black man’s love for “all things curvy” is ancestral instilled. I know it sounds like a load of crock, yet; in Africa, being a larger person is known to represent wealth and royalty. Simply put, bigger is better, in a sense. Black men have no choice but to respect the curves…it’s in their nature. White men…not so much. But don’t get distraught; there are some white men out there that like bigger Betties. From my observations, it’s usually the ones that are on the larger side themselves. I have seen very few thin white men courting larger white women, but that’s another topic. So to all the curvaceous Betty “whites” (no Golden Girls!) out there looking for a beau, it’s not as bad as it seems. I’ve pointed you in the right direction. Try adding a little chocolate syrup to your vanilla ice cream. You never know, it might be a satisfying mixture!

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