A Gentleman’s Perspective on “Thick Chicks” By C. Monique Washington

A Gentleman’s Perspective on “Thick Chicks”

by C. Monique Washington

Tall, dark, and handsome, standing about six-foot one, one hundred fifty-five pounds is a man who most women would consider a “catch”.  Only thirty-one years young, living in a house that he owns and working a respectable nine to five at a Rehabilitation center, Mr. Bowe is a self-proclaimed gentleman.  Although he has dated and interacted with an array of women with different body types, he has always admired plus-size women the most and considers them “his type”.


“Thick chicks” as he referred to them during our interview, “are beautiful on the inside and out.  The physical presence of a well put together, voluptuous woman speaks to you before even a word is uttered from her mouth.  Her body does the talking at first sight.”

Mr. Bowe laughed at his self as he tried to explain the allure of a thicker woman’s body. “I’m not trying to be sexual, but they are just simply attractive.” He stated as he gestured the curvature of a woman’s hips with his hands.  The handsome gentleman continued on with his admiration, “and their personalities are on point. They are not uptight, pleasant to talk to and for the most part, from my experiences, they are humble.   Most of them aren’t stuck-up like other women.”

It was apparent that Mr. Bowe was turned on by just the thought of a thick chick, so when asked to explain the cause of his appeal, he stated, “Plus size women represent maturity and womanhood to me.  They don’t resemble little girls.  When I see them, I think to myself, there goes a woman whom is healthy and carefully crafted.  I’m a grown man, so I like a grown woman. They’re sexy”.  His response put an “excuse me” look on my face, and I let him continue on with his admiration. “They have assets and are aware of what they are working with it.  They know how much or how little to show in the outfits they wear.  They don’t need to reveal everything, unlike smaller females with no curves; their bodies have enough curves to draw attention regardless.  It’s a slight tease to me.  A complete turn-on.”

I couldn’t keep bouncing around the juicy subject, which a lot of people are still wondering, so I had to take it there.  Mr. Bowe was not going to get away without telling his opinion on sex with a chick that is thicker than gritz, so I asked.  A large smile grew upon his good-looking face.  He stated, “Hey, it’s not a hit or miss.” 

Unsure of what he was inferring, I asked him to expand.  I could tell by the look on his face, he was ready to fill me in. “They have supple breasts, curvy thighs, a nice, round behind…You get the full experience of what a woman is supposed to be, and position-wise, they accommodate.”  I had to giggle at that response.  We then laughed in unison as he tried to explain exactly what he meant by “accommodate”.  Again he stated, “They accommodate.  You don’t feel like you are dealing with a fragile doll.   They are fulfilling.”  Mr. Bowe left his response at that. 

To end our interview, I asked the gentleman: If he could send a message to all the thick chicks in the world, what it would be? 

He paused for a minute or two, and finally he stated that he couldn’t think of anything outright, but I did noticed that he was humming the tune of The Commodore’s “Brickhouse” the entire time he was thinking of an answer…hmmmm, enough said Mr.Bowe, enough said.


One comment on “A Gentleman’s Perspective on “Thick Chicks” By C. Monique Washington

  1. Good interview. While I don’t agree with the statement “Plus size women represent maturity and womanhood” I do agree with the the sex appeal part which is why I married a young lady 11 years ago who is a size 20 and was the inspiration behind my plus size fashion blog. Interesting interview style I like the tone keep up the good work.

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