Trick THIS Treat! Sexy Plus-size Costumes!

 Looking for sexy plus-size costumes? visit WWW.PLUSSIZECOSTUMESUPERCENTER.COM They have everything from sexy french-maids to ghastly ghost costumes. The prices are great and there’s free shipping on exchanges! Here are some pieces of their sexy selections!


2 comments on “Trick THIS Treat! Sexy Plus-size Costumes!

  1. So this is my first time reading your blog and I love it I will def be back but I want your thoughts..why are most “thick” or plus sized white women MORE insecure than black women…Do you think we are more pressured to be skinny?

    • Well Lisa let me start by saying welcome to the family! I hope you enjoy every article posted and use them to your advantage. NOW, I find it very interesting that WHITE plus sized women are actually more insecure than BLACK plus sized women. I believe it’s because most BLACK MEN praise the full figure of a black woman it’s almost natural for black women to have curves. I don’t know but to my knowledge most most WHITE men do not like large women or perfer thinner women. This does not mean thick plus sized white women arent desirable it just mens “The White Man” has to take his loss! Any woman, any race, should ALWAYS love her curves! =0)

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