Why Full-figured Women Are So Insecure

I believe it starts from young. Being picked on at school, at home by siblings, and than you see the images on the television. Beautiful skinny women followed by diet pills And weight loss solutions. So many cures for being fat as if it were a disease. What people need to understand is it isn’t “bad” or “wrong” to be over weight, it’s unhealthy to be just that, unhealthy. There are plenty of people who are over their “recommended” weight that eat right, exorcise and are healthier then most thin people. It has been programmed in to us to believe being full-figured is abnormal and that it’s to be ashamed of. How can a plus-size woman not feel insecure when this shameful image has been created of her and she has to compete with the angelic image society has begun to praise. Honestly, no one looks like the women in most magazines or on the television, not even those women themselves. Regardless you must love yourself first. No one else will care for you like you will yourself. No one is perfect, just remember your flaws are what make you, you and you are beautiful!

Thickest Blogger!

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