Find Your G Spot!

      Its not uncommon to masturbate. We all do it, it’s natural. I use to think the only way I would be satisfied was with a vibrator on my own. I never thought there really was a place inside of me that would cause so much satisfaction! So I did some research on the infamous “G Spot” and it turns out we do have one and its easy to find! MEN TAKE NOTES!! The G spot is approximately 2 inches into the vagina, right behind the pubic bone. 

NOTE: Please pee before you do this. 

Example A: Cuff hand once inside the vagina and you instantly feel the outer layer of the "G Spot"

      Now the entire vagina has this soft silky feel to it except the G spot area. It feels ridged layers of soft smooth skin. Now once you place your fingers in bring them towards your palm, like you’re waving “come here” with your two fingers. You’ll then feel it tense as the blood rushes to the G spot like how blood rushes to the penis when he is erect. This process is easier if she’s turned on. Try porno a sexual fantasy or even oral sex at the same time to build up her excitement. If done correctly it can cause great pleasure and even make you “squirt”. Squirting is female ejaculation, and is very common in women. (Men love it too.)


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