So I was going through some old magazine’s and books and I came across an article in an old ESSENCE. The Article is about a man, Joe Walters who is a plus-size party promoter that throws Goddesses Big Beautiful Women Parties at Giovanni’s Atrium in New York City. What Joe is basically saying in the article is how every week he throws these parties for full-figured women as a sanctuary for us. A place for us to be comfortable instead of feeling out-of-place at a regular club. “I provide a space where plus-size women can feel sexy and accepted, which is rare for many big women” says Walters. Walters offer the fact all types of men come to meet & mingle with plus-size women, some looking for love, others looking to – well lets say to party hard. “A few guys come assuming big girls are easy prey. That’s not the case. Every woman has her own code of conduct: Some have the three-month rule; some have the three-date rule.” says Walters “A few women have met their husbands at our affairs. I get invited to two or three weddings a year by customers.” What I love about this article is how he expresses his love and concern for plus-size women. We are all looking for that connection with that special someone but,  how can you find it with no place to look. Joe Walters is a very smart man. I give him two thumbs up! Maybe I wont have to pay to get in this week. LMAO!

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One comment on “LARGE AND IN CHARGE

  1. Hey I just finished this same article today, and came online to find out more information about location and when the Goddessess parties are held. I realize this is an old Essence report, but was really hoping the party was still going on. I am a size 22 240lbs bold beautiful woman, and the men in my area N.Virginia just arent on it yet. I would love to go somewhere where men not only love my shape, but are willing to go beyond the curves…. any current info you could supply would be much appreciated. Im ready to get a few of my big girls together and take a roadtrip to NYC!!!! Thanks so much

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