What Do You Love About Full-Figured Women?

“What I like about plus-sized ladies is how sexy, soulful and sensuous they are, Like Mo’nique or Jill Scott. When I’ve dated heavier women, they have been truely understanding, open-minded, and love dance and do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy relationship with minimal drama” ~Erik M., 42, Actor

“Thicker ladies are aware of their size and, depending on their age, have learned to embrace it. they also know what they want. Being a slim guy, I’ve found that bigger women like skinny men.” ~Chris C., 29, Song writer

“I like ladies who are thick, well endowed- all of that. I connot see myself with a woman who’s small and skinny, shaped like the eurocentric model. Plus-size women are a visual aesthetic” ~Khari S., 41, School Administrator

“Big girls are often the aggressor, quick to cater to a man’s needs, and willing to provide things that other girls may frown upon” ~Calvin G., 32, Legal Assistant

Compiled By Demetria L. Lucus For ESSENCE

If you would like to tell us why you LOVE full-figured women, Send me your thoughts at ThickestBlogger@yahoo.com


5 comments on “What Do You Love About Full-Figured Women?

  1. I don’t mess wit no fat ladies but if u pay like u weight then u could stay baby…Jadakiss / nah all jokes aside I love all size women. Its more about your attitude and how u carry yourself. I love to eat home cooked food and every full figured women I know stay wit a full refrigerator lol…

  2. There is nothing like a “Thick” women… Pat ourselves on the back especially when we have things on lock!

  3. Thick Girls…Can’t go wrong! I agree that A woman who presents an attitude, passion, drive, self worth, and the curves to go with it is hot. Especially a Thick Girl (Not Fat) whose confident is very sexy to men. But again thick is not fat. A thick Girl preserves her thickness. A fatty don’t give a damn. There is a difference people.

  4. Well me being a 18 yr old plus size chick I enjoy my body. Yeah sometimes I may get upset but you always would have to love yourself first before any man can love you. I have friends who try to go on my weight and i don’t care because until they become a plus sized person they can’t talk. Now I love all types of men: Plus sized men, Skinny Men. I perfer skinny men because me and a big guy would be close together where ever we go. I wouldn’t mind that becaus I would love him no matter what. People may alk about us Plus Sized females but we know what we look like and we know who we are. I thank God everyday that he made me like this. You should love the way he made you and that would help you get through life. You would be able to tell your story just like a skinny chick has a story. But I’m a 18 mature yr old and I go through it everyday. But I have to keep my head held hi and I’m going to accomplish everything that I want to do. No matter what anybody tells me what I don’t look like.

  5. Personally I love the thick girls they carry a there self with more confidence and assurance than u wud see in slimmer females not to mention a shapely female is always a plus 🙂

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