5 Stacks On The Make-Up Bag?… So What You Puttin’ In It?


   First and formost EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE A MAKE-UP BAG! what it’s filled with is your descretion. Since we are in mid July I decided to talk about the must-haves of the season. I love that exotic chick look, you know the glowing tanned skin and fresh natural look.

FOUNDATION- It should be light weight and give a flawless, blended finish. I’ve had great sucess with CoverGirl Queen Collection Minerals Pressed Powder. Try staying away from oily products. Personally I dont use liquid foundation in the summer because it doesnt last the entire day and it makes me look sweaty instead of making me glow.

LIP GLOSS- SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!! I love shine in any weather. Natural tones like WET or NUDE from Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy line is ideal for the hotter months. It isnt sticky and leaves lips looking plump and juicy!

EYESHADOW- A favorite is gold and bronze. Try Zuii Organic Rich Gold or Bronze. I absolutely LOVE this line! The finish is a soft sparkle and will POP well with that clean wet look. Plus its Organic!

BRONZE- This is a MUST-HAVE! Its what will give you that sexy tan glow. Try M.A.C. Matte Bronze the look is FLAWLESS!

MASCARA- CoverGirl’s Exact Eyelights Mascara (for any eye color) is amazing. Its gives thickness and length, stays on all day and brings out the color in your eyes! (Works best with the entire Exact Eyelights collection).

BLUSH- Soft pinks compliment the entire beach chick look. Temptu Retouch Blush and Hightlight in Blushing Coral will do perfect!

Need help with different looks? E-mail me @ ThickestBlogger@yahoo.com!

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One comment on “5 Stacks On The Make-Up Bag?… So What You Puttin’ In It?

  1. I love make_up and I am a fan of the au’naturale look. I’ve recently become a fan of actually wearing color on my lips, so I’ve been doing a lot of test and experiments. By far my favorites are MAC Viva Glam V lipglass and (believe it or not) I’ve fallen deeply in love with Avon’s Galzewear Shine in Mauve Movement, Tickle Pink, and a bronze shade (I can’t remeber the name), but trust me… Avon’s lip game is ON POINT! Usually, I like to buy quality make up because it seems to last longer and have a better, POP, but I found an eyeshadow compact with 8 different shades at the local hair market and I love it for $3.99. The colors are vibrant and I’ve been getting many compliments on my hues. These are just a few great items I wanted to share with you. Tootles! 😉

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